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Training and competences

At EROM we are aware that training is one of our main pillars for the performance of safety and efficient tasks. For this reason, we design specific plans adapted to each activity and worker needs performing periodically efficiency assessments.

In order to guarantee that every employee receives a theorical and practical training, enough and adequate, related to the preventive subject, we develop a training program with the following aspects.

  • Training of specific risks of each work.
  • Training of fire fighting and first aids for people in charge of acting when emergencies.
  • Integrated Management Policy (Health and Safety, Quality and Environment).
  • Safety and healthy risks of employees based on the risk assessment.
  • Applicable measures and activities of prevention, protection and control to safety and healthy risks of employees based on the risk assessment.
  • Measures to adopt for the control of emergency situations related to both, people and environment safety.
  • Specific rules of actuation of each type of work.
  • Work procedures and instructions which affect certain works.
  • Responsibilities of each work.

At our organization, we provide all this documentation to our employees and it is also available within each work centre.

At EROM we plan training needs for our employees. It is possible to perform complementary training courses when necessary due to we provide professional people within our installations devoted to the resolution and planning of training activities. For the evaluation of the corresponding training activity we develop different ways of evaluation such as exams, practical demonstration or observations of employees’ changes in order to guarantee the success of the training activity and the resulting employees safety.

Our organization also performs periodical activities with employees in order to guarantee their awareness of the environment, and health and safety at the work place.

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