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Client satisfaction is a base tool for the improvement of our processes, considering fundamental the dialogue and proximity in order to improve the relationship and to ensure the maximum quality of our services. For this reason we work with process indicators and objectives based on the improvement of this parameter.

Our organization offers relationships to clients, suppliers, contracts and external collaborators based on the confidence, information transparency and sharing of knowledge, experiences and abilities. EROM provides all their employees an “Extranet” which ensure that all the organiozation´s members work with the same documentation and processes at international level ensuring the best quality and productivity of our services.

At EROM we contribute to the life quality improvement and environment quality, so we collaborate with public organisms and non-profit-making institutions through both, our services and the collaboration with innovative projects through the promotion of the economic and social development.

Some of the performed projects are: read more

  • The collaboration with training programs of the Academia Gallega of Public Safety in relation to the training of fire-fighters for emergencies that might occur within wind farms.
  • The collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya in relation to the training of members of the GRAE (Group of Special Actions) of fire-fighters of the Generalitat, in order to intervene in an efficient way when emergencies that might occur within wind farms.
  • The collaboration with the Integrated National Centre of Renewable Energy Trainning (CENIFER) in relation to the elaboration of safety guidelines of specific works.
  • The collaboration agreement with the government of Navarra in relation to education and training of lecturers.

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