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Health and Safety Prevention Plan

This Health and Safety Prevention Plan is not a legal fulfillment document but a base document for the prevention mangement within our organization. The goal of this plan is to describe the preventive policy defining the responsibilities of preventive activities, and to present the Organization and its taken general activities in order to establish the necessary guidelines to ensure employee´s health and safety. This will be carried out by integrating preventive activities within every Organization level and contributing to the physical, mental and social well-being, as well as the sustainable development. This effective preventive plan allows us to achieve indicators established in our work more

Our Health and Safety Prevention Plan

Our Health and Safety Prevention Plan involves the following aspects:

  • Preventive Policy.
  • Preventive organization (EROM´s own prevention service and third party prevention service).
  • Preventive integration in the organization.
  • Annual Program (records and audits).
  • Preventive actions:
    • Risk assessment of all work activities.
    • Plan of necessary preventive activities.
    • Professional training and information to employees (theorical and practical training).
    • Periodic inspections of working conditions.
    • Development of autoprotection and emergency plans.
    • Hazardous risks at the work place.
    • Worker´s health surveillance.
    • Employees consulting and participation.
    • Employees with special attention.
    • Work equipment adapted to every need.
    • Business activities coordination.
    • Health harm analysis.
  • Corrective and predictive actions.
  • Alerts and incidents (Non-Conformity Forms).
  • Acquisitions and purchasing of legal work equipment.
  • Documentation and procedures of the EROM´s Prevention Plan.
  • Essential activities of the Prevention Plan, implementation level and provisions.
  • Management system follow-up by the Board.

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