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Blade inspection

The good conservation state of blades is essential for the optimal wind turbines operation and for the prevention of future breakdowns, which are highly costly to repair in time and price. At EROM we perform blade inspections throughout a hoisting platform, vertical dropping techniques or inspections with binoculars from the ground. We have our own personnel certified by ANETVA for the performance of these work activities. We perform reports of end of warranty inspection with pictures and a classification of found defects.

End of warranty inspection

When equipment warranty period is about to expire, it is essential to verify equipment state. This allows to approach the manufacturer for a solution of detected problems in order to prevent problems and further complications.

EROM offers end of warranty inspections anywhere in the world. Our inspectors´ team is supported by departments of Engineering, Quality, Health and Safety and Environment, and performs full-reports which can be adapted to client´s assessment criteria. Reports will provide a vast visual information as well as recommended actions in order to correct found problems.

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